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Camino de Santiago : The way of St. James: Home

This introductory guide provides books, videos, and other resources for my walking group who want to walk The Camino to help plan and prepare for journeys to Santiago de Compostela


This is a collection of resources for friends from my walking group who plan to join my next challenge, walking Camino de Santiago.

The resources selected are appropriate for experienced adult walkers who are interested in walking Camino de Santiago as part of their lifetime adventure, not for religious reasons, and have experienced long distant walks. The most popular three routes were selected by a librarian who initiated these walks as their next challenge within 10 years.

As my clients are group of non-academic, not religious, bush walkers, the search strategy for resource are as following:

  • Introductory and informative resources: these resources provide my clients with an introduction and overview of Camino de Santiago.
  • Non-academic resources: these resources are focused on leisure
  • Various type of resources: as clients have different preference of resources, I selected various types of resources including guide books, travelogues, documentary films and fictional film, organisations, forums and YouTube, so that clients can access their preferred resources
  • Accessibility: books and videos are available at local public libraries from their own collection or inter library loan through Public Libraries Victoria Network.  Other resources are freely available via Internet.
  • Current: resources are recent publications and up-to-dated
  • Online: clients can learn reality from resources such as travelogue, documentary films, YouTube, and conversations from forums.