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The Vegetarian/Vegan Diet for Beginners: Home

This LibGuide provides a 'starting out' guide for readers who are new to or thinking about changing into a vegetarian or vegan diet and are unsure where to start.


Welcome to my guide for getting started on a vegetarian or vegan diet!

This LibGuide is dedicated to supporting those with a background in health who are interested in or beginning a vegetarian diet and to support the process of healthily transitioning into it. It has been designed to help navigate the vast amount of information available (which is often not authoritative) to find resources that are peer-reviewed, medically-supported and scientifically proven to help people understand the key considerations, health concerns and extra requirements necessary when adopting this diet. The materials collated are comprised of a variety of sources, including: books, articles, organisations, websites, blogs, statistics, images, videos, etc to provide the reader with a large selection of materials to choose from. Please note: This LibGuide does not contain information about recipes as this information can be found in abundance with a general Google search. 

You can navigate the page using the tabs above, which take you different areas of interest. These are as follows:

  1. The Home tab - you are already here! - Contains help in navigating the pages of the LibGuide. 
  2. The Getting Started tab contains information for those new to the vegetarian diet. 
  3. The Comprehensive Works tab contains information on the 'bibles' that have been written on the vegetarian diet. 
  4. The Find Peer-Reviewed Articles tab contains information to help you find authoritative articles, with key databases, journals and featured articles provided. 
  5. The Organisations & Magazines tab contains links to relevant vegetarian-related organisations and related published magazines.
  6. The Social Media tab is included here with a caveat - this is included for you to demonstrate to others the vast amount of information that is written about the vegetarian diet that contains little to no authoritative content and which are often blamed for related health problems and negative views about vegetarianism. Examples highlighted are: Facebook pages and groups, Twitter pages, YouTube Channels, and YouTube videos.