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A Beginner's Guide to Italy: Home

A Beginner's Guide to navigating Italy

Welcome to the beginner's travel guide to exploring Italy! In this guide, you will find multiple resources which will assist you in planning your first voyage to Italy. The youngest of the great nations of Europe, a little more than a century old. A civilization of several thousand years, the oldest in the western world. Before Italy, two great forces have shaped the people and its history. The Caesars and the Popes imposed their way of life, then their beliefs across the continents. The colossal shadows of these two forces were lurking in the background when Italy was born.

For centuries, these powers dictated their laws. Such a prodigious past has left its mark on this land that seems to have been shaped by men. Whichever of the two it may be, for the traveler it is always a return to the origins of a civilization. This is why a trip to Italy is not like any other journey. The charm of the picturesque landscapes and the desire to get away from it all are no longer the essential motives. What one expects from Italy, what so many artists, poets and great spirits have for so many centuries gone there to find, is more than the charm of its culture and the mindfulness of its climate; it is a spiritual reason.

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