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Road to Dram Nation: Whisky Tours in Scotland: Home

A LibGuide for Scotch whisky's connoisseurs and where they can go across the country for the best experiences!

Genuine lovers of whisky enjoy the taste of such a beverage. They know that Scotland produces some of the finest whiskies in the world. Scotch whisky (or “Scotch”) has been a part of Scotland’s culture since it was first created amongst the outskirts of Fife in 1495. It’s still being made amongst many distilleries across the country and visiting such locations throughout Scotland can be a great experience for whisky lovers. I have designed this guide for such clientele to assist them with the whisky tours of Scotland they may wish to undertake. This guide will feature...

  • Some of the whisky attractions that Scotland has to offer (reviews of other people’s experiences, videos, etc)
  • Cross-section of Scotland’s most renowned distilleries and their regions

  • Books to serve as companion pieces for clients to assist them with their travels

  • Ideas on where to stay in Scotland throughout your whisky journey

Strap yourselves in because we're taking a gander at the Whisky Tours in Scotland on the Road to Dram Nation! Care for a glass?