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A Guide to Living Gluten Free: Home


Welcome to this guide to living a gluten free life where you can find resource and information to get you started on your journey towards a healthier you. 

From learning what gluten really is, the symptoms that may present in an affected person, how to diagnose coeliac disease versus non-coeliac disease intolerance and some additional resources on how to manage your lifestyle after identifying a sensitivity to gluten in yourself or your family member.


Sally is an information management professional with a personal interest in living a gluten free life.

After a lifetime of unexplained symptoms, Sally identified gluten as the cause of the harmful effects on her body.   This was over 10 years ago when gluten was a relatively unknown word to most and well before a gluten free lifestyle became a trend.

Sally also has a 6 year old daughter who requires a gluten free lifestyle and understands the challenges that parents face with school lunch boxes and eating out at restaurants with a gluten free child.

Guide To Living A Gluten Free Lifestyle