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Feminist Reading Circle: Introduction

Resources for Feminist Reading Circle library programs run by Madison Kelly

Feminist Reading Circle Library Program

In August 2017 I proposed to set up a monthly Feminist Reading Circle program at St Kilda Library aimed at 16 to 25 year olds. It would have a particular focus on young adult reading and engagement whilst being welcoming to LGBTIQ+ community members and other marginalized groups. Prior to this, as a staff member of the Port Phillip Library Service, I was approached on desk by a group of 19 to 20 year olds to ask if our library ran a Feminist Book Club and if not, could we start one. They filled out feedback forms and many people expressed support for the idea, encouraging me to submit an initiative proposal. Our library has a lack of programs and events aimed at this age group so I thought it would be wonderful to get one started. The library co-ordinators approved a 6 month trial for the Feminist Reading Circle, to run between October 2017 and March 2018. Though attendance numbers fluctuated (anywhere between 3 and 15 participants at each meeting), feedback was incredibly positive. I loved running the program and hope to continue running it in the future.


This LibGuide will act as:

  1. an archive of past program content and other relevant resources
  2. a short introduction to feminism and to the program
  3. a list of potential resources and readings

  The target audiences are:

  • people who participated in the Feminist Reading Circle 2017-18 program
  • in order to refer back to and extend upon past content
  • anyone with an interest in Feminism
  • prospective attendees for a second installment of the program

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About Me:

My name is Madison Kelly, I have been working as a part-time Library Customer Service Officer at Port Phillip Library Service for the past 5 years. I completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2015 and commenced my Masters of Information Management in 2018.

I'm a feminist, an artist, a musician and a gardener. I love peer-to-peer skill, support and knowledge sharing, which is the driving factor in why this program is so important to me. If you attended the 2017-18 FRC program, welcome back! And if you're new to the program, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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