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Conducting a Fauna Survey in Australia: Home

A beginner's guide to carrying out fauna surveys in Australia.


This guide contains a variety of resources that you should consider consulting before embarking on a field fauna survey in Australia. You will find here a collection of books, articles and internet resources that will help you carry out comprehensive fauna surveys.


Things to think about before starting your survey

Survey Techniques and Strategies:
If you're trying to decide between survey types, or want to learn what is involved in carrying out particular types of surveys, this is the section you need.

Fauna Identification
If you found something in your survey but you're unsure of what it is, try here.

Data Collection
Good data collection makes a survey worthwhile; poor data collection can make it worthless.

Examples of Fauna Surveys
See some of the amazing results of other fauna surveys!

General resources

The following resources are useful for general information on fauna surveys in Australia, and many cover the entire survey process:

  • Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna Survey Guidelines for Queensland, Version 3
    Provides an excellent guide to the whole process of fauna surveying. An extensive range of survey types are covered, as well as the whole process surrounding fauna surveying. Although it is intended for use in Queensland, it is relevant to surveys carried out across Australia.

  • Guidelines for Vertebrate Surveys in SA
    Another whole survey process resource, focussed on South Australia but mostly applicable everywhere.

  • Park, C & Allanby, M 2013 A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 
    ‚ÄčThis book is a useful reference for the wide variety of terms used in field surveys, as well as environmental science more broadly.

  • New, T R 2006 Conservation Biology in Australia: An Introduction, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
    This textbook gives an excellent overview of conservation biology, and contains a section specifically on carrying out biological surveys.

What You Might Find


Long Nosed Potoroo

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