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LIBR1085 Creative Writing (Poetry) LibGuide by Audrey El-Osta: Home

A resource guide for students of creative writing, and beginners in poetry.

Meet your Librarian:


Welcome, Writers!

Are you studying creative writing, or experimenting with poetry? Do you want to organize your writing practice and read more poetry, theory, and criticism? This guide is just for you.

Scroll through this gallery to see what each tab has to offer.

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Tabbed under 'Writing Practice' are resources on poetry writing and methodology of practice. Some resources on 'exegesis' writing are also included, as it is part of many Creative Writing courses.

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Tabbed under 'Primary Sources' are original works of poetry, accessible via open access, Australian public library or university library borrowing rights.

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Tabbed under 'Theory/Criticism' are some key texts in literary theory, and databases for finding criticism.

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Tabbed under 'Publishing' are some Australian literary journals, and other opportunities for publishing your creative or critical work.

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How To Use This Resource Guide

How to consult textbooks and anthologies:

All textbooks, anthologies or resources in hardcopy have been linked to Trove, the national database of library holdings in Australia. All texts should be available for borrowing at public libraries, and viewable at university libraries (even if you are not a student).

For electronic resources available at public libraries, please consult the information desk at your local branch for access assistance.


How to Search Databases:

For all free databases, consider searching the following subjects:

  • poetry,
  • poetics,
  • folk poetry,
  • lyricism,
  • prosody,
  • verse,
  • poetic devices,
  • rhyme,
  • meter or metre

You can also search by the title of a work, the title of a collection, name of an author or poet, or poetic genre/literary movements.

Here are some examples of genres or movements:

  • Medieval 
  • Early Modern English
  • Romanticism
  • Modernism, or Modernist
  • Post-modernism, or Post-modern
  • Structuralism, or structuralist
  • Post-structuralism, or post-structuralist
  • Feminism or Feminist
  • Marxism or Marxist
  • Post-colonialism, or post-colonial

For subscriber-only or institutional databases, ensure you are logged into your institution in order to access the resources fully.