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A Guide to Playing Dungeons and Dragons Online: Welcome

How to play and participate in the online tabletop Roleplaying community.
A Guide to Playing Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dice image by Phillipa Telford, 2020.


Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy board game invented by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax. It has been published by Wizards Of The Coast since 1997.

In Dungeons and Dragons, a group of three or more people act out an adventure scenario, taking turns to participate, and deciding outcomes of their character and the adventure's story through a combination of roleplay, pre-determined statistics, and the element of chance.

Dungeons and Dragons has been played in-person, around tables and in people's homes, since 1974. In modern times, it can be difficult to play tabletop games in real life, but Dungeons and Dragons has evolved to be playable remotely and online.

Warning: Video is rated PG (Parental Guidance) for strong language.


Dungeons and Dragons has come a long way since the '70s. Now in its fifth edition, it has evolved into a game that is playable in-person, online, as a peer-to-peer videogame, or in a world-wide event. A thriving community of players and watchers alike have joined forces to create content that is playable, watchable, and interactive over the Internet.

Please see some of the other tabs for details on how to play and participate in a post-COVID world.


D&D Short for Dungeons and Dragons.
D20 A 20-sided die; also referred to as the dice system used by D&D.
Tabletop Game

A board game played with friends, 
traditionally around a table or flat surface.

DM Dungeon Master (sometimes known as the GM, or Game Master, in other roleplaying games).
Class Primary definition of what a playable character can do. Their calling, which shapes their style, abilities, and statistics.
Race A playable character can be human, dwarf, elf, gnome, orc, and many more. Different races have unique styles and abilities which shape their character.
Actual-Play The description of a podcast, video, or other media that shows a live, unscripted roleplaying experience.


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