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Horses in Film and Fiction: Home

This is a guide listing some of the fiction stories and films that have horses as a central part of the story or as a major character


About Me

My name is Lisa and I've always been passionate about stories with horses in them. When I was young, I loved getting my hands on new horse stories. I must confess, I was a little horse mad as a child. Now, while I've outgrown the urge to collect every single title and feverishly read them, I still greatly enjoy some of my old favorites and some new editions to my shelves.

My all time favourite: The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell. 

This is one of the first stories I can remember reading about horses. Elyne Mitchell's beuatiful portrayal of the Australian bush and the brumbies which inhabit the land was then and still is utterly breathtaking.

One of my new favourites: The Princess and the Foal by Stacy Gregg

I was hesitant at first to buy it as the cover illustrations indicated it was for a much younger audience. However, the author's unique style in mixing fiction with past events makes me glad that I did. Well worth reading.



This guide is intended for those who love reading about horses. Maybe you've read everything your library has to offer. Perhaps you're looking for something a little bit different. Hopefully here you can find something new and continue to love the books about our equine friends.

While this guide is primarily meant for younger readers, there is also resources for older readers and who is to say that you can't read some of the younger level books as well?


What is it about horses that we find so interesting?

Why do we equate the relationship with a horse with something magical and hard won?

Many a book has been based around this relationship between people and horses. Some talented authors have even written their stories from the point of view of the horses themselves. In this guide, there will be stories wherein horses are the main character, where they are secondary characters and where they tell the story. 

Horses are portrayed in popular fiction as beautiful, strong and powerful. It is often a single human character that has a special relationship with them. Or the point of the novel is to retain that spirit, that strength and that is what we find so intriguing.

This guide will cover several categories:

  • Single Titles - the author wrote a novel about horses that is unrelated to any they may have written
  • Book Series - more than one book was written involving the same characters
  • Mythical/Magical - Unicorns, magic and ghosts. Not all horses are ordinary and the ones in this category are unique creatures belonging in fantasy
  • Movies/TV Series - the next step is to turn a book into a movie or a TV series
  • Anthologies - who wouldn't want more than one story hidden in the pages of a single book?
  • Based on Truth - some of the amazing fiction stories have more than a grain of truth to them.

Each resource is linked to another page where you can view the product in further detail. Some resources will have the author's website as an added bonus if the author has a website available. Most links will be to a Goodreads, Booktopia or Amazon page where you can potentially buy these stories. This guide is intended to help you find books or movies that you will enjoy and possibly add to your own collection. The stories in this guide are intended for those who are truly passionate about the subject but it can also be used by those just getting into this topic. There should be something here for everyone.


All rights to the images and videos belong to the creator and/or owner of the individual image or video. I do not own any of the images or videos associated with this guide. Individual sources for the images are credited at the bottom of each page.