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New Media Art

A guide to New Media Art for university students.



Welcome to the New Media Art guide.                                               Image: Nickk Hertzog, CC BY-SA, 2020.

This guide is a resource to help you navigate technology-based art in your practical and theoretical studies.

What is New Media Art?

What is New Media Art?

New Media Art is art that uses technology as a central part of its conception or presentation. Does that definition sound broad? It can be, which is why this guide will help give you some context to what we mean by New Media Art. Many areas of artistic expression uses some form of technology, cinema and music performance often rely on electronic material, so what makes New Media Art different? To start with, New Media Art is an expansive term whose border can blend into other fields. It does, however, have a particular emphasis on celebrating technology and using it in new and novel ways. In short, New Media Art sees technology as a part of the creative process!

Some elements of New Media Art include:

  • Heavy use of screen technology
  • Interactive works
  • A focus on digital methods
  • Remix, reuse and appropriating materials.

There are movements, festivals, museums and galleries all dedicated to the practice and display of New Media Art. This guide will outline some of these resources to help you engage in the weird and wonderful world of art and technology!

Image: Nickk Hertzog, CC BY-SA, 2020  

How to use this guide

This guide provides resources that can:

  • Introduce you to technology-based art.
  • Help in written and theoretical assignments.
  • Provide practical examples of New Media Art.
  • Show you what's happening in the field.
  • Give you some context to different types of New Media Art.
  • Give you tools and ideas to use technology in your own art practice!