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Introduction to Anglo-Saxon History

This guide has been created to give undergraduate tertiary students an overview of the resources available on Anglo Saxon History. This guide will be of interest to students of Archaeology, History, and Museum Studies


This subject research guide has been prepared for undergraduate tertiary students who are studying History, Archaeology, and Social Sciences. It will also have relevance for students interested in Early British Material Culture, Art and Literature. Specifically this research guide has been designed to provide a broad historical overview of Anglo-Saxon History, with more specific resources dedicated to people, landscapes and settlements, literary culture and material culture to give students a head start in their own information discovery development.

Sutton Hoo Helmet

The Sutton Hoo Helmet

Iron and tinned copper alloy helmet, consisting of many pieces of iron, now built into a reconstruction, forming cap, cheek-pieces, mask and neck-guard. Covered with panels of tinned copper alloy sheeting. The copper alloy sheets are stamped with various patterns including animal interlace, and warrior motifs depicted in two panels.

The Sutton Hoo Helmut is an Anglo-Saxon helmet which was discovered during the 1939 excavation of the Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial. The helmet is one of the most important Anglo-Saxon artefacts ever discovered.

Early 7th Century, British Museum 1939,1010.93

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