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Slow Clothing - A Guide to Sewing at Home: Home

This Resource Guide aims to build context around sewing and clothing production as a craft, and as a concept. It is not intended to be a "how-to" guide for sewing, but instead provides a way to contextualize and develop an already established practice. Contained within the three sections are a range of databases, websites, books, articles and journals which should act as a stepping stone in academic learning. They are by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list of resources, and should instead facilitate further explorations elsewhere. Looking Backwards takes the user through a list of resources which help to contextualize sewing in history. Garment Construction Now provides resources which help to locate a sewing practice in contemporary times. In the final collection, Community, a number of resources are provided which help to locate specific sewing communities.




Searching within the Library

Reference Numbers

Use these reference numbers to locate books on sewing and clothing production in the library.

391 - Costume and Personal Appearance

646.1 - Sewing Materials and Equipment

646.2 - Sewing and Related Operations

646.3 - Clothing and Accessories

646.4 - Clothing and Accessories Construction

646.6 - Care of Clothing and Accessories

746 - Textile Arts