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Working With Wine

This guide is intended to assist those new to the wine industry with tools to accurately and quickly identify wine, to understand wine terminology and culture, and to provide avenues for greater professional development within the local industry.

Introduction to the Guide

This guide has been developed to assist those new to the professional wine industry in a storeroom capacity, now and in the future. It does so by providing a number of resources to help in both the day-to-day role, as well as for long term career growth. It covers five distinct areas:

IdentificationOne of the main tasks in a storeroom will be to locate and identify wine bottles by name quickly and efficiently. Here you'll find practical resources to enable you to accomplish this.

Understanding Wine: Liaison with other industry professionals will be a regular occurrence. Here are resources such as guides to terminology, as well as opportunities for more in-depth research into wine such as tasting, as well as the manufacturing process.

Australian Associations & Organisations: Opportunities for networking and professional development are located here.

Industry and Market Reports: As the role will involve predicting stock level requirements, market trends will need to be reviewed from time to time. Here are some links to industry reports.

Culture: Here are a few less 'dry' resources, from podcasts and popular films to documentaries about the world of wine.

Image: Angelo DeSantis


Using the Research Guide

The vertical navigation bar to the left of the screen will allow the user to browse the different aspects of wine and wine culture that this guide will cover, with links to online resources, databases, books and other media that contribute to a foundational knowledge of wine.