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Beginners Guide to a Plant Based Diet

Resources for anyone interested in adopting a whole foods, plant based diet

Plant based diets are becomingly increasingly common and it's now easier than ever to make the switch. A whole foods, plant based diet eschews all animal products and focuses on obtaining nutrition primarily from a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. Research suggests that this type of diet offers innumerable health benefits. 

This guide provides an array of resources for you to explore and discover whether this is something that you may like to try for yourself. Hooray for veggies! 


Anna Pelzer



Both plant based and vegan refer to diets which exclude animal products, but veganism is also an ethical lifestyle. Veganism goes further to exclude animal products used in other capacities such as in clothing (e.g. wool, silk and fur), or products which are tested on animals (e.g. some cosmetics brands). Some of the resources in this guide will therefore refer to a vegan diet but for our purposes this is the same as a plant based diet.


Sadia Badiei from Pick Up Limes is a registered Canadian dietician.
In this 12.01 minute video, she speaks about things to think about when moving to a plant based diet
for the complete beginner.