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Resources for Francophone Teachers of French in Australia: Managing Information

A comprehensive set of resources to support Francophone teachers of French working in Australia.

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This section of the Resource Guide provides information on how to manage information to help teaching professionals to prioritise and organise their resources and incoming flows of information as well as to evaluate the quality of pedagogical material.

This tab is divided as follows: 

  • Organising Information for Provision:
  • Organising Incoming Flows of Information
  • Evaluating Pedagogical Material 

Organising Information for Provision

The majority of French teachers working in Australia in language schools are here on Working Holiday Visas. Consequently, there is a high turnover of staff, as teachers are legally only able to work in the same position for a maximum of 6 months. Ensuring that all new staff have the essential pedagogical materials to help them conduct their classes is a real challenge for Managers to balance with competing responsibilities. The integration of new staff into a team takes a lot of time and effort. 

This situation can be improved by managing an up-to-date and easily accessible directory for this information via a website that can be sent directly to teachers. As all the information is entirely online, this means that teachers will be able to familiarise themselves with material before they arrive in Melbourne and will be able to jump straight into teaching. Managers can also add orientation information for newcomers to Australia as these are common, time-consuming questions posed by new staff. It is easy to keep information up to date to ensure that teachers are receiving the right materials. 

A number of website authoring tools exist, but Google Sites is a simple, intuitive tool that will amply satisfy all your provision needs and is accessible via the Alliance Française Google account. Other tools exist, too, but users will not be able to integrate these into their existing email account and/or common drive. Not all services are entirely free of charge. Choice is personal and up to the user. 

We recommend that the resources existed under the 'Resources for Teachers' tab be integrated into your new website. 

Organising Incoming Flows of Information

Managers of Education staff have to deal with a lot of incoming information that concerns every aspect of their roles. It is difficult to cope with such diverse, large quantities of incoming information but this can be managed through the use of specialised tools that are all accessible online. RSS Feeds are an excellent tool that you can use to gather and aggregate announcements or new materials released by the organisations whose work directly concerns your own. That way, you do not waste any time searching for websites for updates that may not exist and all information is findable using the one tool. 

Not all websites have an RSS feed. If you wish to receive information on the developments of such an organisation, you may can still receive this information by other means: 

Evaluating Pedagogical Material

Ascertaining the quality of a pedagogical resource is an ability developed with time and practice. Newer teachers will not necessarily have the experience to make an accurate assessment of the quality of material that they are selecting for a class activity, or to gauge if the material will support learning objectives. The resources below offer perspectives from the Victorian Department of Education and Training on what constitute quality pedagogical resources. Additionally, they provide a perspective on education from a local perspective that will come in handy for foreign teachers that are trying to understand the expectations their students have for their lessons.