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Resources for Francophone Teachers of French in Australia: Administration

A comprehensive set of resources to support Francophone teachers of French working in Australia.

Useful Links

This section of the Resource Guide provides additional information that Education Managers can use to support them in their duties as teachers and as supervisors. 

This tab is divided as follows: 

  • General Administration Information
  • Employment in Australia
  • Developments in FLE & Professional Development 

General Administration Information

Teaching French as a foreign language can be a highly regulated profession, especially for teachers that work in institutions that have close ties to the French government. A number of official resources and platforms are provided by the French Ministry for Education and its associated agencies. Often this information is confusing and very little customer service is offered by these institutions to help teachers clarify points. A number of support forums exist online that teachers can use to support one another to ask questions and give answers on a whole range of topics. These 'alternative' sources of information can be used to supplement that supplied by official sources. 

A comprehensive support platform for teachers of French as a foreign language. The site includes resources to support teachers to remain up to date with FLE developments and through the provision of pedagogical material, training and support through Agito's Forum. 

An online initiative of the University of Léon, Spain, FLE Net is at once an online directory for web resources for teachers of French and an online resource for teachers of French. This is a comprehensive resource for teachers that integrate digital technologies into their classroom and lists a number of French language forums that teachers can turn to for help on difficult topics. 

WebPédago is an organisation that believes in the sharing of education and learning through online digital platforms. It offers an excellent array of resources to help teachers use technology – blogs in particular – as resources within their classroom. The site also offers a directory for French teaching blogs, thus offering teachers the means to directly learn about the professional experiences of their digital colleagues. 

Employment in Australia

Australia and France have completely different employment, taxation and immigration systems. It is essential for all new arrivals in the country to familarise themselves with Australia's systems and regulations using reputable, government endorsed services. This type of information is also essential to Education Managers that are hiring and supervising employees under Australian law. The following websites are contain information from various Australian Government departments or agencies, and provide a comprehensive overview of rights and responsibilities of those working in Australia. These are written in plain English and are not too difficult to understand for those with a lower command of English. 

The Fair Work Ombudsman is an independent agency affiliated with the Australian Government that works to guarantee fair and reasonable working conditions for all that work in Australia. The website provides essential information for those seeking or in employment in Australia, including Award Rates for pay and unfair dismissal

The Australian Taxation Office - or the ATO - is Australia's agency responsible for collecting tax and implementing tax law. Their website contains an exhaustive list of guidelines and information on regulations and procedures surrounding tax, including filing for a Tax File Number (TFN) and how to lodge a tax return online. The ATO also has tools that can help users calculate the amount of tax owing the government. 

The Department of Home Affairs is the department responsible for immigration in Australia. Their website includes authoritative information on guidelines and procedures that must be followed for those that wish to immigrate to Australia, even on a temporary basis. This includes official government information on Visa Options for foreign nationals as well as additional information for those that wish to work in Australia

Developments in FLE & Professional Development

Opportunities for professional development are available for French teachers working in Australia, but they are rare. Often such opportunities are run by organisations that primarily cater to French teachers working in schools that are not from a francophone background, which are different organisations entirely to the Alliance Française. Support for professional development and for teachers to keep up with FLE developments are available online from French government bodies. The list below is a sample of these types of resources available online. 

The Courriel Européen des langues is a publication of the CIEP that aims to share the agency's research as well as policy changes that occur throughout the year. This is an important resource for Teacher Managers, given the fact that the CIEP runs two important French examinations, the DELF and the DALF. Click through from the Courriel homepage to the latest issue or to access the archive. Access is free and entirely online. 

La lettre du CIEP is the CIEP's newsletter. Published more frequently than the Courriel, it contains news of the CIEP's activity. The newsletter comes in an electronic format, making it an interactive way to read the news. Links are also provided to multimedia such as video interviews with professionals. Access is free and entirely online. 

CIEP+ is the CIEP's platform for online education. Given the CIEP's focus on education, this platform is for teaching professionals that already have professional experience. Teachers have access to reference material and course work. Paid and unpaid course options are available and participants have the option of working towards certifications and qualifications. For those that wish to take a paid course, some semester start dates do apply. 

PROFLE is an online learning platform for teachers provided by the CNED, an agency of the French Government that oversees continuing adult education. PROFLE teaches and reinforces basic teaching concepts, such as how to evaluate a lesson. PROFLE and CIEP+ are complementary platforms and could be very valuable for newer teachers. For more experienced professionals, this nonetheless represents an excellent means to engage with professional development and revisit older concepts.