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Resources for Francophone Teachers of French in Australia: Orientation in Australia

A comprehensive set of resources to support Francophone teachers of French working in Australia.

Orientation Overview

Resources that will help new staff members settle into their new life in Australia.
  • About the Alliance Française: Additional induction information on their new employer and all the events on offer.
  • Accommodation: Find temporary accommodation.
  • Local Help: Organisations operating locally that are here to assist French citizens in need.
  • Guides to Australia: Australia, A-Z from a French perspective.

Useful Links

About the Alliance Fran├žaise

The Association of the Alliance Française is an international organisation founded in Paris in 1883 with a mission to promote French language and culture throughout the world.  Understanding the aims and history of the Association for all staff and community members. Websites for head office in Paris as well as the local branch in Melbourne are listed below. 

Located on Boulevard Raspail in France's Montparnasse district, this is the international headquarters for the organisation. Learn about the foundation and see the courses, cultural events and facilities they have on offer. 

Learn about the history of your local Alliance branch, and discover the French courses, cultural events and facilities it has to offer. 

Browse the Assocation's 800+ branches by city, country and geographical region. 


New arrivals need find accommodation as quickly as possible to ensure that they can settle in without spending too much money. The following websites will help new teachers to find accommodation for their stay in Australia in share-house accommodation. 

Gumtree is an online marketplace for every conceivable item or service - even friends. This site is a free, essential resource for new arrivals to find a home and settle in to their new lives in Melbourne - or anywhere else in Australia. An intuitive search feature is available to assist users to find what they need. Users do not need to set up a profile to contact sellers. 

Flatmate Finders is an online marketplace for rental properties only, matching vacant share house rooms with those seeking accommodation. This is a paid service and its coverage is limited to Australian capital cities. Those seeking accommodation will need to 

Fairy Floss is a Facebook group for those seeking accommodation in Melbourne. It service is free of charge and run by a community organisation that requires users to engage pleasantly and respect one another in the forum. Very little search functionality is available through the Facebook group interface and users generally have to wait for a new ad to be posted to apply for a room. 

Local Help

Arriving in a new country with no friends, family or anyone to support you is hard. Traditionally, the Alliance Française played a supporting role for French citizens overseas, but it has not been able to for quite some time due to funding cuts. A number of smaller, local organisations have stepped in to assist French travellers in the ways that the AFM no longer does. The resources below will guide users to different support networks for French citizens in Melbourne. Each perform a slightly different role, with a slightly different flavour. 

A volunteer-run Melbourne organisation that aims to help French citizens that are having difficulty integrating into life in Australia. An excellent resource to recommend to newcomers in need of friends, that need help to navigate the Australian way of life and a linguistic leg-up with English lessons. The site is available in French as well as English. 

The majority of French organisations in Melbourne are found South of the Yarra River, but the exception, the French Bilingual Association, provides help to the French speaking residents of Melbourne's inner north. The Association supports 167 families and 222 living in the area by advocating for bilingual programs in schools and facilitating bilingual playgroups and family-friendly activities. The support services for this association are primarily for those that aim to live in Australia over the longer term and is not targeted at Backpackers. 

Melbourne Accueil is a volunteer organisation that assists new arrivals to Melbourne Unlike French Assist, Melbourne Accueil does not provide one-on-one assistance to newcomers but helps them to integrate through social events and provides assistance for job hunters. The organisation thrives on the notion of 'giving back' to the French community and longer-term visitors have the option of joining the management team, running for president and, in turn, helping newcomers themselves. 

A list of French or French-speaking practitioners in Australia to ensure that French citizens have easy access to essential services in their own language such as Layers, Translators, Doctors, French-speaking schools and French associations. This list is maintained by the Consulate and is updated regularly. 

Guides to Australia

A number of websites exist that provide a comprehensive travel guide for long-term French visitors to Australia. In addition to the information provided in a more traditional travel guide (where to go, what to eat), these resources provide information on a range of topics such as visas, local supermarkets, and profiles on capital cities. The most comprehensive of these special online guides  are provided below to share with new arrivals – or those considering visiting Australia on a working holiday visa. 

Australia-Australie is a comprehensive resource that travellers can use to seek advice on their experience in Australia. Its focus is mainly on assisting travellers to arrive in Australia and understand the country. Australia-australie sells its own travel insurance and flight products. 

Australie - Le Guide des backpackers is targeted exclusively at travellers in Australia seeking the French backpacker experience. This is a useful resource for all that may wish to extend their visa through the completion of the obligatory 3 months' rural work. This resource is most useful for travellers that wish to travel more than they work.