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Resources for Francophone Teachers of French in Australia: Class Support

A comprehensive set of resources to support Francophone teachers of French working in Australia.

Class Resources Overview

This section contains resources to assist teachers in the delivery of lessons.

  • Pedagogical Resources: Material to support classroom learning.

  • French Culture: Native French resources to diversify class content. 

  • France in Australia: Resources to recommend to students wishing to engage with France at home. 

  • France in France: Essential resources for Australians wishing to visit France.

Useful Links

Pedagogical Resources

Pedagogical support to supplement standard Alter Ego+ textbook material and to provide recommendations of quality learning materials for students learning outside of the classroom. Material listed is suitable for different levels and class focuses. 

Lesson Material 

Pedagogical resources to assist the creation and delivery of French courses for adults and teenagers of all levels. Created by the CIEP.

Pedagogical resources designed for school students in Primary School and early Secondary School in France. Material is an appropriate level for Intermediate adult and teenage students of French in Australia. 

A portal of digital pedagogical resources aimed at a Primary School level. Appropriate for adults and teenagers with an Intermediate level of French. 


Online French-English dictionary suitable for beginner - advanced levels. Includes a French language forum, where students are able to post questions regarding difficulty of language. Very popular with high school and university students. Provides conjugated verb tables.

Functions as an online bilingual dictionary, thesaurus, verb conjugator as well as a monolingual French dictionary. Suitable for beginner - advanced students, but some functionalities are more suited to different levels than others. 

Comprehensive online resource including monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, an encyclopedia, conjugation tables, forums on French language usage, and games. Suitable for upper intermediate to advanced students. 

The National Centre for Textual and Lexical Resources (CNRTL) provides an excellent suite of dictionaries and similar material. This is an excellent resource for advanced students interested in delving deeper into the meanings of words, their histories and contemporary uses. Users will be able to find links to related resources and projects, such as the Base des mots-fantômes (an online database of words or forms of words that have found their way into dictionaries). Suited to advanced students only. 

French is known for its array of confusing, fascinating slang. 'Slang with Bob' is a small online dictionary that can help your students to delve into the weird and wonderful socio-cultural linguistic phenomena that is French slang. Suitable for intermediate - advanced levels as the entire resource is presented in French only. 

Grammar and Exercises

Online explanations and exercises for grammatical concepts that is easy to understand and enjoyable to work through. Suitable as a complementary resource for grammar exercises in Alter Ego+. Suitable for beginner - advanced levels. 

This website aggregates online French grammar exercises to enable easy access for students to exercises classified by grammatical concepts.  Whilst this is an invaluable resource for beginner - intermediate students, it lacks the depth and sophistication for students struggling with advanced grammatical concepts.

This online conjugation game/program is designed for primary school students learning French, but really this is appropriate for any student at any stage of their learning. This is fun, relaxed resource that is quick to use and, in being so, can work to encourage students to practice their conjugation more frequently. Includes illustrated frogs. 

An app created by a former Alliance Française de Sydney teacher, Marion Kermann. Content is structured around lesson progression of the Alter Ego+ textbooks and is designed to reinforce content learnt in class. Content that students interact with on the app may be controlled and monitored by the class teacher and integrated into class progression. Suitable for all levels and classes that use an Alter Ego+ textbook, this app is popular among students. A paid resource.  

France in Australia

Australian students of French will often ask their teacher how they can interact with French culture in Australia. This list of resources is also useful for homesick French teachers that wish to reconnect with their culture and language outside the Alliance Française or those in need of consular assistance.

French government websites of French diplomatic services that operate in Australia. These websites contain a wealth of advice and support for French Citizens in Australia, including a directory of La France dans le Victoria (France in Victoria), a list of contacts and organisations in Victoria that relate to France, French and French culture. Direct students looking for information on French visas to these sites. 

A French language online news source written in Australia. Provides an excellent view of Australia from a French perspective and explains tricky cultural quirks like ANZAC biscuits. Could potentially be useful resource for intermediate - advanced conversation classes. Suitable, too, as reading or class material for intermediate - advanced students of French. 

French language news and community resources presented by the SBS (Australia's Special Broadcasting Service). Events in the French-speaking community are often advertised through this service and, like the Courrier Australien, this is an excellent resource to help new arrivals decode Australian culture. Also suitable for intermediate - advanced students of French that are seeking additional listening practice. 

The Alliance Française de Melbourne has its own library of French films, CDs, books, magazines, pedagogical resources, graphic novels and much, much more. An active membership with the Alliance Française is required to borrow material. Students and readers of all ages and levels will be able to find suitable material. 

French isn't an obvious community language in Moreland, but nonetheless they possess an impressive French language collective of films, CDs, books and some magazines. 

St Kilda and surrounding areas are a popular area for French expatriates living in Australia. The City of Port Phillip has an impressive French Language collection to support the number of French speakers that live within its bounds. 

A monthly lecture series on cultural topics pertinent to both France and Australia and run by the RMIT University in conjunction with the Alliance Française de Melbourne. Talks are conducted in English and are usually of an academic level. 

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France

French Culture

Authentic support material in French provide a means to support your lessons. They also open a window for your students onto French language and culture in a more dynamic form than what they see in a textbook. The following resources are authentic resources from France for a range of different topics and class needs. 

Digitised Culture

Gallica is the French National Library's online portal to its digitised collections. A huge range of material has been uploaded for free international use including maps, images and books. Use this site as direct support for class activities or recommend directly to curious students for discovery in their own time. The site is available in French and English and students of all levels will be able to browse with ease. 

Europeana is the online portal to digitised collections of libraries and cultural institutions all over Europe. It offers a plenitude of videos, books and other media freely to users. Whilst not all material will relate to France, this is still useful for lessons that explore the influence and role of greater Europe on French society. Search in 27 languages, including English. 

Culturethèque is comprehensive range of digital newspapers, magazines and periodical content collated by the Institut Français. All Alliance Française members and teachers have full access to this material with their membership or enrolment fees. There is material available for all age groups and demographics, even graphic novels for teenagers. Can be recommended to students of all levels. 

France Culture is part of a public radio network - Radio France - that has a focus cultural news and developments. An indispensable resource for listening exercises for advanced conversation classes, these are quality, well produced programs. These are most appropriate for advanced students, but teachers may also recommend these to intermediate students as the sound quality and 'journalistic style' of reporting is clear and easy to follow. 

Izneo provides online access for graphic novels for readers all over the world. This is a paid service but nonetheless provides online access to graphic novel material that is difficult to locate in Australia. These resources are appropriate for intermediate students onwards. 


fip is a very eclectic music radio station available through the France Culture public radio group. There is not much dialogue, save for the news bulletin, and therefore this is not a good resource to recommend for listening practice. fip celebrates the variety and depth of music across cultures. This is a wonderful resource for students to travel all over the world from their couch, simply using their ears. This is an appropriate resource for students of all levels, due to the lack of dialogue. 

Chérie French is a French radio station that plays solely Francophone pop music. French pop music possesses a certain appeal to students that would never listen to similar music in their own language. Music such as this is a great way for students to learn new words and accustom themselves to linguistic rhythms of their target language. This is an appropriate resource for students of all levels. 

Nostalgie is a commercial French radio station that plays older hits in French, English and other languages. Due to the mix of languages, learning the French language is not the only target here and listeners can glean many things about the culture that would listen to and enjoy the equivalent of SmoothFM. Suitable for students of all levels. 

News and Current Affairs

TV5 Monde is a public French news channel available internationally. There are no restrictions for viewers accessing this content from Australia and teachers have access to a range of video material to support class activities. Content is well produced and easy to hear for students and video helps students to understand and reinforce content. This is suitable for intermediate - advanced levels. 

Radio France International is a public French news radio station available all over the world. This station provides easy access to news bulletins, recorded shows and live radio broadcasts. Radio programs are an easy comprehensible resource for language learners as radio announcers will usually enunciate their words and and speak at a measured pace, which is perfect for students. This is suitable for intermediate - advanced levels. This is also available as an app, and can be recommended to students for study in their own time. 

Franceinfo is 24-hour French news radio station. Users can listen to live radio through the website and access thematic podcasts. This is excellent learning material for intermediate students as the 24-hour broadcast repeats itself every 15 minutes with minor changes - repetition of auditory material is an immense help for learners. Suitable for intermediate - advanced students. 

A short series of animated videos produced by the French newspaper Le Monde in cooperation with Sydo. These videos provide a succinct, easily comprehensible guide to French institutions and processes, such as voting and the European governance system. It is often difficult for students to understand current events without any knowledge of the systems and processes that underpin the news. Dessine-moi l'éco is an excellent means for filling this gap. Suitable for upper intermediate to advanced students. 

France in France

To Australians learning French, French teachers are seen as authoritative knowledge sources on anything even vaguely connected to France. The following set of resources will help French teachers to direct their students towards relevant, authoritative information sources. 

France's national archive service provides a searchable database for historical materials. This promises to be particularly useful to students that have niche, history questions. Material available via this website offer an opportunity for students to explore new information and as a subject point around which a lesson may be based. For students with French ancestry, there is a geneaology section. The search interface is relatively simple and intermediate - advanced students should have little trouble navigating it independently. This site is available in French only. 

France's Public Service is vast, complex and very confusing to outsiders. This site provides a directory for French government bodies, facilities offered by the Government as well providing information that will assist people with more day-to-day life activities such as how to enrol to vote, or what to do if you're buying a house. This is an excellent resource for Australian travellers that find themselves requiring assistance from a government organisation in France, as it presumes no knowledge of French bureaucracy and processes. This site is available in French only. 

An open platform for access to French government data as well as a directory for reports and (often humorous) visualisations of this data. Like the Public Service Directory, this can provide Australians in France with information on the location of public amenities such as charging stations for electric cars or how to locate gravestones of famous people at the Père Lachaise cemetary. This site is available in English and French. 

Students will often ask teachers where they can and should learn French in France. This website provides a list of French language schools accredited with the French government 'QualitéFLE', which signifies that all centres have passed quality evaluations and tests. This information will help the student to select a quality language school before they travel overseas. This site is available in English and French.

Information for current prospective Australian tertiary students that wish to undertake a university exchange in France, or complete an entire degree. This site is affiliated with the French government. This site is accessible in English and French. 

French is spoken by millions of people who are not French citizens. It is important that students of the French language recognise the importance of this language across the world in addition to the different forms that this language can take. This site presents a well-rounded introduction to French-speaking countries across the globe. This site is accessible in English and French.