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Resources for Francophone Teachers of French in Australia: Home

A comprehensive set of resources to support Francophone teachers of French working in Australia.

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Welcome to the guide Resources for francophone teachers of French in Australia. This guide is designed to provide information to support French teachers in Australia in various aspects of their work, particularly Teacher Managers. 

Resources in the guide are divided thematically according to three information themes:

Information and resources to support the creation and delivery of lessons such as grammar exercises and cultural materials. This resource list is designed to be distributed to teachers by the Teacher Manager, and used by the manager themselves in the creation of their own courses and curriculum development. 

Information and resources to support Teacher Managers only with their administrative work.

Resources that teach basic information management principles to help teacher managers to streamline and organise the information at their disposal to help them to balance priorities and workflows. 

Map of the ground floor of the French National Library. 

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France