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This guide is intended to act as a starter kit for those who want to know more about the history of Brighton Victoria, and those who want to learn how to search for historical information themselves.

Joshua Jones

This HistoryGuide has been created by Joshua Jones. While not an expert historian, I have a strong background in IT from a user perspective, and in Information Management. With the two the aim of this build is to provide a smooth and effective transition of seeking and finding information about the rich history of Brighton and Australian history.  

Do you need help with your research?

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Joshua requested to have his email account removed. His guide transferred to Mike Brooks in case needed later on.



This Guide contains resources that focus on the history of the Australian town of Brighton, Victoria. Sections of this HistoryGuide aim to provide the user with materials and practical means to locate resources relevant to Brighton as well as general Australian historical research. 

The HistoryGuide has been divided into five sections which can be accessed using the tabs at the top of each page:

  1. Maps, Houses and Street Histories
  2. Images
  3. Books, Journals and Articles
  4. People
  5. Additional Useful Resources. 

Begin your search for Brighton or Australian historical information on any tab, as all are equally useful in locating sources that will assist in providing materials and information that cover a range of issues, spanning broad periods in a large variety of formats.

The bibliography section of this guide provides detailed yet concise overviews of a number of the sources used in this Guide to assist in targeting the most appropriate and informative resources. 

Finally, the Google search  bar in the information menu of every page can be used as an additional tool to search for information and provide links to further research - Searches here will launch in a new tab.