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Ancient Chinese Architecture: Architecture History

This LibGuide provides a general guide to anyone who has interests in ancient Chinese architecture and its culture and history.

Chinese architectural history is the history of Chinese architecture. Seven thousand years ago, people in south China were using mortise and tenon to build wood frame houses. The oldest sites are at Hemudu in Zhejiang In the Neolithic period (6000 – 2000 BCE).



Architecture of the Dynasty

The architecture of the Song dynasty (960–1279) was noted for its towering Buddhist pagodas, enormous stone and wooden bridges, lavish tombs, and extravagant palaces. Although literary works on architecture existed beforehand, architectural writing blossomed during the Song dynasty, maturing into a more professional form that described dimensions and working materials in a concise, organized manner. In addition to the examples still standing, depictions in Song artwork, architectural drawings, and illustrations in published books all aid modern historians in understanding the architecture of the period.

 Pagoda of Fogong TemplePizhi Pagoda Beisi PagodaTemple of the Saintly MotherTrinity Hall of Xuanmiao TempleThe Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge)