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Ancient Chinese Architecture: Home

This LibGuide provides a general guide to anyone who has interests in ancient Chinese architecture and its culture and history.

Ancient Chinese architecture is notable not only for its technical and artistic achievement but also for what it can tell us about traditional Chinese culture. Along with Islamic, Chinese and European architecture, it has endured remaining influential to the present day. Ancient Chinese architecture is truly a precious heritage of world civilization. Therefore, people of the world understand the charm of oriental country-China through its ancient architecture.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City


Architectural Styles > Imperial Architecture > Palace

Wang Family Compound

 Lingshi County, Shanxi Province

Architectural Styles > Traditional Domestic Architecture > Family Compound


Fujian Province, South China

Architectural Styles > Traditional Domestic Architecture

The Sakyamuni Pagoda of Fogong Temple

Ying County, Shanxi province

Architectural Styles > Temples > Buddhism

A group of temples at the top of Mount Taishan

north of the city of Tai'an, in Shandong province

Architectural Styles > Temples > Taoism

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