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An Introduction to Researching 'Trash' or 'Garbage' Film

This guide is intended to act as an introduction to researching 'trash' films, through offering resources attempting to define the genre, and looking at how audiences have constructed legacies around these films.

"Films that revel in their 'bad taste' through extreme themes, poor humour and amateurism, make a stand against the mainstream through deliberately positioning themselves as its binary opposite, and positioning themselves as counter cinema through their elevation of different pleasures"
- James MacDonald, The Art of Trash, 2006

Introduction to the Online Guide


The aim of this guide to help the user find academic research pertaining to Trash cinema.


Despite the convenience of obtaining film results that fit this criteria these days, researching 'trash' film presents a challenge to those interested, as basic terminology such as 'trash' or 'b-movie' will only produce a limited amount of academic results. This guide acts as an introduction to the genre, with the primary goal of introducing students to a wider capacity for research, by presenting a range of information covering the history, developments and influence of the genre, as well as key academic terminology.

Using the guide

To the left of the screen, users are able to select through different pages of gathered resources, each pertaining to fundamental aspects of defining the genre of 'trash' cinema. Underneath the selection are alternating examples discovered through research, of which offer context to their art and place in this Research Guide.