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Creative Tools & Resources for Teachers: Videos

A Resource Guide to Motivating and Engaging Students in the Classroom.


Visual learner? Try out these two websites to find educational and instructional videos on subjects and topics. Teachers and students can use these websites as a source of visual information but also find community groups and discussions online. 


Widely spread as an educational sharing platform, TED-Ed uses animations to create learning videos. A special feature of TED-Ed is that it provides questions, discussions and additional resources to solidify the teachings. Users can create their own TED-Ed lesson by linking a YouTube video and creating questions and discussions about the topic or pairing up with one of TED-Ed's animators to create a worldwide educational video.


Registration is free. TeacherTube is an online community website dedicated to the educational field. It provides YouTube videos, audio, shared documents and online groups for educators to find collective resources in one location. Users can utilise TeacherTube for educational purposes or for individual learning.