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Creative Tools & Resources for Teachers: Educational Resources

A Resource Guide to Motivating and Engaging Students in the Classroom.



Provided are some websites aimed at offering teachers resources on insightful and creative lesson plans, assessments and activities. Targeting all ages, teachers can filter out the resources to suit their needs and styles! The online teacher community is a great way to stay connected with others and share information.


Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketing website dedicated to teachers creating and sharing classroom material. Educational knowledge is shared through the platform to find insightful resources and ideas. Users can browse through subject, grade, resource type and prices to find material for the classroom. 




A key feature of Twinkl is that it provides resources for teachers and parents for children of all ages. Resources range from educational guides to interactive learning and even behavioural management resources. Twinkl follows the Australian Curriculum to ensure the lessons and activities are relevant material.



Tes is an online marketing website created by teachers for teachers, however it also acts as a social network site and teacher community. Based in the UK, the resources can be applied globally. Categorized by preschool to secondary, Tes also includes resources for special needs students.