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Creative Tools & Resources for Teachers: Presentation Websites

A Resource Guide to Motivating and Engaging Students in the Classroom.


Capture your audience with these creative tools. Customize templates to suit your needs and create professional and visually pleasing presentations. 



Prezi is a unique template-based presentation tool that offers easy drag and drop functions, customizable layouts and provides offline presentations. Unlike traditional presentation software, users can keep the audience engaged with visually pleasing presentations that is quick to create and share.



Canva is a graphic design website that offers users the ability to create professional designs with its simple drag and drop method. Registration is free and offers a wide selection of templates, designs and pictures to use. Users can utilise Canva as a platform to create and customise info graphs, posters, lesson plans and much more. Canva also allows its users to download their finish products for free and in high quality. 

Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is a quick and simple presentation tool that allows users to create fast but visually pleasing presentations. A variety of images are available to choose from and easy to use layouts and templates are offered. Haiku Deck can be viewed and shared on multiple devices that can access the site. Posting the final piece onto a blog or website is a simple step to share the presentation.