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Creative Tools & Resources for Teachers: Digital Tools

A Resource Guide to Motivating and Engaging Students in the Classroom.


Enrich your classroom with highly interactive learning apps, websites and more! Gather digital resources to suit your learning style and customise lessons, assessments and activities.

Discover more with Edshelf!



Edshelf is a fantastic directory website, dedicated to providing access to multiple digital tools such as apps, programs and products for the use of teaching and learning. All in one location, teachers would love to discover tools that address multiple topics - interactive lessons, behavioural managment apps, educational tools and much more are located in Edshelf! 




Kahoot is a game-based learning app designed to make learning exciting and fun. Users can choose to create either quizzes, surveys or jumble games and invite people to play the game that is accessible on multiple devices. Teachers and students alike, love to use this tool in the classroom as they watch the audience compete in a friendly rivalry to see who knows the most answers and in the quickest time. For a digital tool that encourages individuals to get involved, Kahoot is a wonderful tool to achieve inclusiveness. 




Padlet is a great collaboration tool, dedicated to providing real-time communication and information sharing on multiple devices. Simple to use, users can create and customize templates and share almost all file types, which provides a rich source of information in one location. Teachers can use Padlet to brainstorm ideas and concepts with their students and encourage creativity and organization.