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How To Keep Happy Houseplants

A resource guide for gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts to improve their skills

How to use this guide

This is a resource guide for plant lovers of all levels of experience. Whether you are new to gardening and plant care or already have a growing plant family the resources in this guide will help to improve your knowledge of plants and answer any plant related quandaries you may have.

In the tabs to the side you will find a selection of books, videos, websites and blogs sorted in to different topics that will guide you to becoming the best plant parent you can be. The resources included can be accessed for free on the web, through your local public library or previews can be found on Google Books. 

Amy Lister

Clubs & Botanic Gardens

Below is a list of links you can use to locate your local community garden or gardening club. The best way to learn about caring for plants is by doing! 

Sacred Elements YouTube Video