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History of Australia’s Relationship with Nuclear Weapons


This LibGuide contains resources that focus on the history of Australia and the atomic bomb; that is, from the government's interest in building one through to its decision to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It also contains links and search tips to help you to find further resources.

The LibGuide has been divided into seven areas, which can be accessed using the tabs on the left side of the page:

  • Topic overview
  • General works
  • Nuclear tests
  • Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • Strategic thinking
  • Useful links
  • Search tips

The 'Topic overview' tab is a useful place to begin your research on Australia and nuclear weapons. The 'General works' tab contains histories on this topic that cover broad periods and a range of issues, such as manufacturing nuclear weapons, acquiring them from other countries, and the challenges associated with these ambitions. The next three tabs⏤'Nuclear tests', 'Non-Proliferation Treaty', 'Strategic thinking'⏤contain resources on specific aspects of Australia's nuclear history. Finally, as their names suggest, the 'Useful links' and 'Search tips' tabs provide links and tips on accessing further information, including archival records, Hansard (record of parliament's proceedings), and newspaper articles.