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Provide all information related to dementia management including medical, social work and management areas.


Dementia Management


With the increasing of Australia's ageing population, Dementia has an increasing impact on people's work and life, so how to prevent and treat Dementia is becoming more and more important. In fact, the prevention of it begins in middle age. Because senile dementia can be found in the early stages of dementia or early dementia, and take corresponding measures in life, and continue to do so, it is controllable, or at least, it can delay its progress.

Dementia management is about making an early diagnosis of dementia, as this may enable families to plan ahead and to institute management that could reduce cognitive impairment and slow disease progression but also about provide better and update care for people with dementia thus maintaining the best possible life quality for them.

A briefing for this guide

This guide is aiming to provide some resources and tools to medical professionals and caregivers to reference and continue to explore the issues related to dementia management. 

Note: all resources retrieved in this guide have a publication date range from 2010 to the current.

Resources are included in this guide cover the following areas: 


Some medical resource on how to improve Dementia management and there are in different formats, including seven articles, one journal series, three books,  one report, one video, one website, one blog and one podcast. These resources are all at a professional level and most of the journal article retrieved from Medline( ProQuest)

Social Work

There are three journal articles about the current issues related to social work in Dementia in the recent decade. These articles can give a clear view of the challenges presented in social work in dementia and demonstrated some good practices taken in the present and also provided some suggested measurements should be taken.


One journal article and one book retrieved from the authoritative sources ( RMIT Library and National Library of Australia - Trove) to give you an overview of a good practice for management roles in dementia care services.


One journal article retrieved is about studying healthcare usage to identify undiagnosed older adults with dementia and the article suggested about half of dementia patients are undiagnosed. One book retrieved from Trove is about the impact of dementia patients on the Healthcare system in Australia.


There are one article and one book retrieved for Trove, talking about Australia government initiative for Dementia in Australia.


There is a link to the Website of Australia Bureau of Statistics to show all the statistics about Dementia in Australia. And there is also a file about dementia statistics from Dementia Australia and an excel file with all dementia statistics from the Australian Institute of Health Welfare.

Research Tools

It explains what research tools and main search terms used in this guide and also provides three open-access databases for users to do a further explore.