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A Beginner's Guide to Ancient Egyptian Religion

Round-topped limestone stela of Djehutyhermaktef divided into two registers: Upper - Ra-Harmachis and Thoth(as a baboon) aboard the solar-barque. Lower - Deceased kneeling in adoration; ten columns of Hieroglyphic text.
AN230328001, British Museum, London, UK.

Ancient Egyptian Mythology

The mythology of ancient Egyptian religion in majority are related to the creation of the world or have some etiological significance concerning how a natural element of the everyday world occurred. A major example of this type of myth was the rising and setting of the sun, where the mythology of this natural occurrence was portrayed throughout texts as the journey across the sky of the sun god Amun- Re. 

Mythology in ancient Egypt held a theme of holding off inevitable 'Apep', chaos, where 'Ma'at', order and justice, were then restored.

The resources to the left relay information about the presence of myth in the lives of the Egyptians, as well as translations of various myths that will provide a closer look into how myth functioned within the sphere of religious ritual.