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Dementia-Related Information Sources: A Guide for Professional Caregivers: Websites

Australian Government websites by content

Department of Health 2018, Ageing and Aged care-Dementia, Department of Health, viewed 29 September 2018, <>.

This Australian Government's website provides a dataset related to Australian aged care programs and policies which one of them is dementia care. This website overviews the changing of national agenda in terms of strategies and programs on dementia care, including the national framework for dementia from 2015-2019. This framework is an essential guide for local governments, service providers and the broader community who deliver support to dementia care to know which aged care areas are being prioritized by the government. This website also provides links to information about aged care funding systems, how to apply for this funding, guidance for applicants who seek dementia and aged care service approval, and links to other aged care programs. Overall, this website is an authoritative source which provides information about aged care programs by the Australian Government that will assist in providing a better dementia care.    


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2018, Dementia, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), viewed 29 September 2018, <>.

AIHW, an Australian Government agency, provides health and welfare statistics from various topics (e.g. health expenditure, mental health, disease, homelessness, hospitals, injury, housing, aging, disability, child protection, and aboriginal and indigenous people). Regarding dementia, the AIHW website provides an open-access dataset of dementia in Australia under the subtopic of health conditions, disability and deaths. It overviews the profile of dementia in Australia and provides national data of dementia in various formats (e.g. reports, technical reports, statistics, data view, data table etc.). AIHW website also provides an estimation of dementia growth by sex, state and territory from 2011-2020. This website is an essential source for decision makers of service providers (e.g. managers, directors etc.) to find data and information about dementia to support a better decision making.  



Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018, Dementia: Australia's future leading cause of death?, Australian Bureau of Statistics, viewed 29 September 2018, <>.

ABS website provides official statistical data from a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental sectors in Australia. This website provides Advanced search to help you easily find topics in certain formats or publication year and sorted it from the newest, oldest, alphabetical order etc. Regarding dementia-related information, ABS website provides data survey about dementia prevalence by sex, age, and types of dementia. The data is presented in graphs with a brief description, wherein some contents it is compared with other aspects (e.g. ageing disease, disability, etc.). This statistical information source is essential not only for decision-makers but also researchers who seek data about dementia from all over Australia. 




Aged care organisation websites

Dementia Australia 2018, Dementia is not a normal part of ageing, Dementia Australia, 29 September 2018, <>.

Dementia Australia, a nonprofit organisation funded by the Commonwealth, provides programs, services and information for people living with dementia, carers and family, and health professionals. In terms of health professionals, Dementia Australia's website provides dementia-related information in an easy-to-use navigation. This information includes:

  • overview of basic information about dementia (e.g. early signs, diagnostic types, disease trajectory, facts, statistics and epidemiology in Australia).
  • clinical resources. This section overviews information about diagnostic, assessment, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, etc. 
  • clinical tools and resources. This section contains open access materials about clinical practice guidelines, ethical framework, care management plan and seminar video for general practitioners, and links to toolkits, dementia research centers, training information and other information that will be useful for general practitioners, nurses or related health professionals.
  • Resources. This section allows you to find news, research, legal and fundraising information about dementia in any format and language based on predetermined keywords (e.g. aged care, Alzheimer's disease, Victoria, mental health etc.).

This website is an important source for health professional working with dementia and decision-makers of dementia care service as it does not only provide clinical information, practical guidelines and programs but also provides links to explore other related websites. 


Dementia Support Australia 2018, Responding to changes in behaviour, enhancing quality of life, Dementia Support Australia, viewed 30 September 2018, <>.

Dementia Support Australia (DSA), a partnership led by HammondCare, Australia's most innovative health and aged care providers, is funded by the Australian Government under the Dementia and Aged Care Services  Fund. DSA provides service to improve the quality life of people living with dementia and their carers as well as the quality service of service providers. For health professionals working on dementia, this organisation website provides information resources, assistance and a link to Dementia Training Australia (DTA) which offers training and resources for aged care service providers. Dementia-related information resources include evidence-based guides, quick reference guides, resources related to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and guides to psychosocial approaches. These resources are essential for health professional (e.g.psychiatrists, geriatrics, nurses, etc.) and dementia care providers (e.g. managers, staff, senior staff who responsible for mentoring) to understand and respond to dementia patients clinical and psychosocial condition in dementia care.  


Dementia Training Australia 2018, New Approaches to dementia care and training, Dementia Training Australia, viewed 30 September 2018, <>.

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is an organisation funded by the Australian Government to provide accredited education and training for dementia care providers. This organisation website contains not only information related to course and training, but also environmental designs, print and online resources (e.g. video and webinars) for professionals working with dementia patients (e.g. psychiatrists, nurses, general practitioner etc.). The unique feature of this website, it also includes information about downloadable applications to support dementia care. For example, a responsive behavior app which contains quick guidelines for health professionals and care staff and medication management app which includes recommendations and information about antipsychotic medications and details on psychological changes. The website contents are presented in a clear and easy to navigate layout. This is an important source for health professionals who directly dealing with dementia patients and managers and staff of service providers, who need to access training information and improve the quality of dementia care.