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Dementia-Related Information Sources: A Guide for Professional Caregivers: Videos

Innovation on dementia care

Building communication with dementia's patients


Dementia Australia 2018, Dementia Australia virtual reality and computer games to bring a positive change in dementia careYouTube, 26 July, Dementia Australia, viewed 23 September 2018, <>.

A video by Dementia Australia, a leading non-profit organisation supported by the Australian Government, presents the innovation in dementia care using virtual reality and computer games. This video outlines the effectiveness of these technologies to improve the learning experience and engagement of caregivers in understanding dementia from patients’ views. The content of this video presents a real-life simulation of the technology and caregivers’ testimony in an aged care service in Melbourne. This video-based evidence is a useful source for service providers as it informs the innovation that might change dementia care.  


TEDx Talks 2017, How storytelling can improve Alzheimer's and dementia care, YouTube, 14 June, TEDx Talks, viewed 18 September 2018, <>. 

Jay Newton-Small who currently running an aged care service presents her experience caring for her dad who diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. The speaker in this video speaks convincingly to the audience that communication is the most important thing for caregivers in aged care services. Communication, such as by storytelling would grow empathy so that the caregivers be more engaged with dementia and Alzheimer's patients. This video is a good source to encourage health professionals and service providers to improve the way they dealing with dementia patients. 

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