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Discover the world of Family History: Home

Discovering your family history is an exciting opportunity to look to the past but look to the future for generations to come

Family History


A few things to start with

So you can start your searches more efficiently it is recommended that you gather as much information about your ancestors before you start:

Look at photos and write down the people you recognize and try to write down dates such as Birth, Marriages and Death

This will make your searches more easy instead of trying to do the searches as you go

About this LibGuide

This LibGuide is to help you in your journey to discovering your family history. 

As a beginner in your searching, this guide includes links to many websites that have specific pages dedicated to family history. 

Genealogy is another way of looking at family history, there are societies that specialize in helping people search for family history.

To make sure generations to come can enjoy and to get your crafty fingers going, there are suggestions on how to display and keep your photos safe.