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The Australian Road-trip: Home

This guide provides information about travelling around Australia by car or camper van. It is designed to assist tourists, who may be unfamiliar with Australia's unique landscape, to have a safe and enriching experience.


This LibGuide is designed to assist you in planning a safe and comprehensive road-trip around Australia. It includes general information on Australia, as well as information on destinations, routes, vehicles and road safety.

How to use this guide

Travelling in Australia: Explore the resources on this page to gain a deeper understanding of Australia's culture, and to find useful tips and tools that can help you both while planning, and while travelling.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures: Explore the resources on this page to learn about Australia's cultures and respecting the traditional custodians of the land.

Destinations: Explore the resources on this page to decide what you want to see in each state and territory during your trip.

Planning the Route: The resources on this page provide you with the information and tools needed to create an itinerary for your trip.

Choosing your vehicle: Explore the resources on this page to decide on which type of vehicle is right for you and your trip.

Road Safety: Use this page to familiarise yourself with Australia's road safety laws, as well as the dangers associated with driving long distances in Australia.