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Textiles for Children: Resources for Responding and Displaying

Mother of two primary aged children, this mum wants a LibGuide to help her to homeschool her children in the area of the Arts, specialising in Textiles.


Resources for

Responding and Displaying

According to The Arts Curriculum, students are required to:

Respond to visual artworks, including artworks by local Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander peoples, by describing subject matter and ideas.

As well as to:

Display artworks to express ideas to an audience.

Below are some relevant resources to meet these criteria.

Display Artworks

Artsonia Kids Art Museum is a great way for students to display their art digitally and share their work with the world.  By describing the processes and techniques they used to create their artwork, they also 'express their ideas to an audience'.

Click here to view the website.

Click here to watch the Introductory Video on Artsonia.

Respond to visual artworks by Indigenous Australians

The National Museum of Australia explores the land, nation and people of Australia.  They focus on Indigenous histories and cultures, European settlement and Australia's interaction with the environment.

Forty percent of the collection is available to be viewed online and the museum has free admission every day of the year, except Christmas Day.  

Within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Art Collection, you will find a wide variety of artworks in many different mediums or media, including bags, baskets belts, decorative weavings, fish traps and hand fans, many of which are forms of weaving or textile art.

Exploring and describing these works is an excellent way for students to respond to to visual artworks, which which is one of the requirements of the Level 1 and 2 standards.

Click here to visit the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Art Collection.