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Textiles for Children: Weaving

Mother of two primary aged children, this mum wants a LibGuide to help her to homeschool her children in the area of the Arts, specialising in Textiles.



Weaving is traditionally a technique used to create fabric, however, in The Arts the variation of materials used is limited only by the imagination of its creator.  

Reference to Curriculum:

Students make artworks using different processes to express their ideas, observations and imagination.



Hello Wonderful's plate weaving project


This video is Part 1.  Click below for Part 2 and 3 videos.



To read the abstract of this book, hover over the title.

This book is available for loan at Hume Libraries and there are two copies available.

Click here to hold or borrow the book at Hume Libraries.



Click here to view a collection of images on the different forms of weaving for children.  I have included it to provide you with lots of ideas in order for your children to create their own original weaves using their imagination and materials such twigs, paper, leaves, ribbons and string!  Be inventive!



Weaving Ideas