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Textiles for Children: Embroidery

Mother of two primary aged children, this mum wants a LibGuide to help her to homeschool her children in the area of the Arts, specialising in Textiles.



Embroidery is one of mankind's oldest skills - from the humble origin of simple sewing, a beautiful art emerged.

While sewing is using a stitch to create an item such as a piece of clothing or accessory, embroidery is the art of sewing skills to decorate a piece of fabric.  Embroidery can be tricky for small fingers especially as the needle can be quite sharp, so for this reason, a very beginners activity has been included.  

Reference to Curriculum:

Make artworks in a range of art forms.





This book teaches children how to to sew using step by step instructions and illustrations.

It is available from Hume Libraries and you can view it here.

To read the abstract, hover over the title of the book.


This is an image of the sort of project you may want to create once your child has developed some embroidery skills.

You may want to create something like this or perhaps use your imagination and create something original.