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Textiles for Children: Finger Knitting

Mother of two primary aged children, this mum wants a LibGuide to help her to homeschool her children in the area of the Arts, specialising in Textiles.


Finger Knitting

Children are often keen to learn how to knit, especially if they see you doing it, but they may find it difficult to manipulate the knitting needles. Finger knitting is a great way to introduce them to knitting and with a bit of patience and concentration, children can progress from 1 finger knitting through to 4 finger knitting.  Use any type of wool you can get your hands on but small fingers prefer thicker types.  Resulting chains have a variety of uses, from friendship bracelets to snakes (see video below).  Have your child use their imagination and express their ideas by creating their own masterpiece. 

Reference to Curriculum:

By the end of Level 2, students make artworks using different materials, techniques and processes to express their ideas, observations and imagination.




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This is a video on how to make a snake.  Click on the video to watch it.

What other imaginative creatures can your child make?


This is a video on how to finger knit.  It's clear and easy to follow, especially for children.