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Textiles for Children: Home

Mother of two primary aged children, this mum wants a LibGuide to help her to homeschool her children in the area of the Arts, specialising in Textiles.



Welcome to your Textiles with Children LibGuide!

Following our informal interview about your requirements, I have created a LibGuide for you which aims to address the various research areas you are wanting to research.

You stated that you are a mother of two children, aged 5 and 7.  Early 2017, you began home schooling your children and you are now looking to build an Art program for them, with a special interest area in Textiles.

You stated that you are unfamiliar with the current Victorian Curriculum and the requirements surrounding its learning standards.  You are looking for simple, easy to follow instructions with a variety of resources including videos, books and websites and you wanted these to be targeted at children, not adults, as you yourself are new to the art of textiles.  You mentioned that you and your children are visual learners.  You said that you are a member of Hume Libraries and visit often with your children.   Doing activities that utilise recyclable materials where possible or inexpensive materials is important to you.

Fortunately, the resources available in this subject area are quite broad, from books, videos, images and step by step instructions.  The bulk of the resources are targeted at children and are rich in visual information, videos and images.



Finger Knitting



Resources for Displaying and Responding

The Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum sets out what every student should learn during their school years.  

For you children, your focus will be in Level 1 and 2, however, it is also important to explore the levels either side of this, such as Foundation and Level 3 and 4, as the level system is just a guide.

Click on the link to view The Arts Curriculum in Victoria: