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Photography Professional Practice Program in Barcelona: Home

Provides key resources and services for students studying Photography in the Barcelona exchange program


BenvingutsBienvenido and Welcome to the Photography Professional Practice program in Barcelona!












Parc Guell in Barcelona - An Antoni Gaudi Work, n.d. Photograph, viewed October 2017, <>

This guide will help you to discover information related to the course content, as well as direct you to the important places to see and study contemporary fine art photography while you are in Barcelona. 

The guide lists significant books, articles, and online resources that focus on fine art photography theories and current trends and practices. It also lists relevant galleries, museums, foundations, libraries and bookshops that will support your studies and professional practice activities. 

The Photographic Professional Practice program is supported through an exciting collaboration between Foto Colectania and the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Barcelona. These organisations will be two important hubs for you during your time in Barcelona. 

Foto Colectania

Foto Colectania is a non-for-profit organisation founded in 2002 in Barcelona, that aims to promote photography in social, artistic and educational contexts through a carefully curated exhibition program and a range of activities, touring shows, publications and educational programs. 

The foundation holds a specialized library and a photography collection which specialises in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese photographers and includes the archive of Francisco Gomez, a well-known Spanish photographer. 

In 2016, Foto Colectania initiated a series of new programs, under the motto ‘Well, What is Photography?’ which included ‘Correspondence’ – an online program that highlights critical thinking on photography through publishing weekly conversations between leading theorists and practioners.


Australian Studies Centre

Australian Studies Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre that works with researchers, students and academics, working in any field in Australia. The centre promotes and facilitates the exchange of students and materials with other institutions around the world. It provides support and advice for visiting students and researchers and helps facilitate connections with organisations and universities of interest to them.