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Adapting Austen: Intro to Jane Austen film and TV adaptations

This guide is intended to provide an overview of popular adaptations of Jane Austen's classic stories, introducing the reader to popular adaptations, as well as some theory and key concepts underpinning them


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Austen adaptations!

This libguide has been created as an entry-level introduction to the most popular of TV and film adaptations that have been made based off of Jane Austen's work. 


The libguide is split up into two main sections: Primary and Secondary Sources.


In Primary Sources all of the key adaptations are listed thematically by approach taken, including:

         -- traditional recreation of the original in the original setting

         -- bringing the story to modern times

         -- adding supernatural elements

         -- or even breaking the fourth wall somewhat with a modern woman being dropped into the classic scene)

The adaptations listed in the primary sources are by no means all there is, rather they are a taster, and mean to provide the user of this guide with an understanding of the most well known adaptations and common treatments of the stories. There are many more Jane Austen adaptations (and not just on film and television) and we encourage anyone interested to continue exploring. 


The Secondary Sources section invites the user to think more critically about the notion of adaptation, as well as think more deeply about certain adaptations listed in the Primary Sources section.

Writings in this section include books/chapters, general interest articles, scholarly articles, and reviews. Where possible, resources have been chosen because they should be available online, in libraries, or on Google books. In some cases the complete book is not available.

For this reason, the number of secondary sources has been increased to allow for different accessibility, so that while not all will work for everyone, we hope that most resources will work for most people. The added bonus is that users may pick and choose what they read, and in what order. Again, we encourage wider reading; these are aimed at engaging the reader with fun and thought provoking ideas.